Special Events

This chronological list of special events is by no means complete. Unfortunately our organizational short comings in the past lead to a few unkept records. Missing are several great thematic events now long forgotten except for the memories that some folks keep of them…

Future events (2008 and beyond) will be judiciously recorded and listed here your benefit and memory enhancement!

If you remember a past event that we must list here then please contact us with the proper info (date/event name/etc).

Chronological List of CELLspace alt Milonga’s Special Events…

  • October 31st 2007 – Another Halloween Party CELLspace style… (guess who the girl is in the purple wig?)
  • June 24th 2007 – SFTX’s Ice Ice Baby (think black-lights & white clothes)
  • May 16th 2007 – Cristina’s Health Benefit – Thank You!!!
  • July 26th 2006 – We welcome back the San Francisco Tango Orchestra! ($10 cover, includes class)
  • June 25th 2006 – SFTX’s Hot Lava Night
  • Feb 22nd 2006 – PINK NIGHT — An Evening Dedicated to Women — We would like to honor the women in our tango community and also host a fundraising event for breast cancer research, support and awareness.   The benefit features a stellar performance by Tango Con*Fusion, “Celebrity” Taxi Dancers, “Nickel & Dime” Taxi Dancers, and a silent auction featuring private lessons from various bay area tango instructors.   Furthermore, 50% of the admissions will be donated, and we will be selling pink bracelets and pink carnations at the door.   All raised funds will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.   Lastly, we will have pink food at our food table!
  • Jan 25th 2006 – Kung Fu Hustle Night – Martial Arts, Yin-Yang ideas, and all Asian themes are fair game for this fun night – also saying good-bye to visiting teacher/dancer extraodinaire Cecilia Gonzalez (Cecilia and Homer demo at 10:30pm)!
  • Dec 14th 2005 – Hollywood Holiday Milonga – Dress as your favorite director, actor, dancer, movie mogul, producer, special effect, foely artist, set designer, costumer, gaffer, best boy, cinematographer, stunt double, makeup artist, choreographer, etc.
  • Oct 26th 2005 – Black Whole Night – The Anti-Establishment Halloween Party Theme Night?!
  • September 7th 2005 – Vintage Night, enjoy the good old classics…and dress to the Golden Age if you like!   Classes in Cayengue and Milonga at 8 pm followed by Milonga from 9 pm to Midnight.   Vintage tango performance at 10:30pm.   Wear costumes from any historic period.
  • June 15th 2005 – Contact Improv/Tango Night
  • May 18th 2005 – Good vs. Evil
  • April 20th 2005 – White Night
  • March 23rd 2005 – Jungle Night
  • July 9th, 2003 – Opening Night

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