Dance Performance guidelines

The alternative milonga at CELLspace is a welcoming place for all styles of tango including milongero, open-embrace and fusion.

In order to perform, please contact Ben at at least a week in advance. The point of a performance is to advertise lessons (workshops, regular classes, private lessons). Not for workshops? See below. Here are the guidelines for a dance performance:

  • 2 songs, no more than 8 minutes total.
  • Performance is around 10:30, after announcements.
  • Please ask the announcer (usually the DJ) to make the introductions. We strive to have short announcements to allow people to get back to dancing as soon as possible.
  • If there is a conflict, say 2 couples want to perform, it is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • It is not required, but recommended that you bring fliers with your workshop information.
  • Please bring an iPod/iPhone/MP3 device is preferred so it is a simple matter of connecting to the device into our sound system.
  • You must show up by 10:00 to work with DJ’s to cue up music. After that, it is at the DJ’s discretion whether to let you perform. Why so strict? We strive to keep people dancing as it is a short milonga and having more than one interruption in a night is tedious at best.

We/ I want to perform but not to promote classes

Please email Ben with your request and why you would like to perform.

One Response to Dance Performance guidelines

  1. Maya Sertic says:

    Hi Ben, I dance tango with Tangroupe, UC Santa Cruz’s Argentine tango troupe. I believe that Lisa Donchak told you a little bit about us.

    Our group is about 5 years old now, but we’ve only started venturing outside of Santa Cruz tango venues pretty recently. Because we are a college troupe, we have a very high turnover of dancers, many of whom have never danced before coming to college. One of our favorite venues has been Cell Space, for its openness to a variety of dance styles and it’s welcoming atmosphere to new dancers. Many of the dancers frequenting Cell Space have heard of Tangroupe, and they often recognize us when we enter in small packs.

    I realize that many of the dancers performing at Cell Space are teachers advertising workshops. We don’t have a workshop to advertise. Rather, I was hoping that we could perform simply to introduce ourselves as a group. We usually show up in small groups, but on a performance night, there would likely be 10-20 Tangroupe dancers showing up.

    We are currently working on 2 group choreographies for this year (they should be done by February), and we are in search of gigs. Our choreographies are to nuevo and alternative songs. We pride ourselves on being a student group with student teachers, and student-choreographed pieces.

    If you have any Wednesday nights that are free between February and June, we would be very excited to perform on any night. Please let us know if you will consider us and what a good date would be.

    Sincerely, Maya Sertic
    (408) 667-0606

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