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The run-down on food is that the food volunteer assigned for the evening goes to the store, picks up approximately $50 in milonga food and brings it to the milonga between 7:30 and 8pm. There is usually another volunteer or two on hand to help arrange/chop fruit/etc.

Some details:

  • budget $50 (typically, you pay and are reimbursed from the cash box at Cell)
  • vegetarian items only (meat is stinky and there are more vegetarians in SF than you can shake a stick at)
  • mix of fresh fruit, veg, sweet, salty, chocolate and non
  • keep it to “finger foods” to reduce the mess and resulting waste

Overall, the menu is flexible, but we’ve got it down to some standards that are easy to eat, don’t make a mess and are easy to clean up:

  • apples, grapes, berries
  • carrots, peas, red/orange/yellow bell pepper, cherry tomatoes
  • crackers (or bread, but the bread knife is bad, so I just do two types of crackers)
  • 3 cheeses (usually brie and goat cheese, but any soft non-stinky cheese will do)
  • cookies (chocolate and a non-chocolate)
  • chocolate covered pretzels (sweet *and* salty)
  • chips or other savory snack like popcorn

For set up, line all trays and bowls with wax paper to aid clean up, prep and set up all the food, then put all the set-up supplies away. Wash any cutting boards or knives and store.

No need to bring wax paper or anything else. If you see we are running low on them, please send an email to

Who to contact

Please send an email to to become a food volunteer. Thanks!

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