CELLspace alternative Milonga – WEDNESDAY NIGHTS

934 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

The venue is called SOMArts.

Embrace Tango Unbound @ CELLspace.

CELLspace is
an alternative Milonga…

alternative space,
alternative music,
alternative dress?

come express your
alternative side.

Some but definitely not all of our CELLspace volunteers, teachers, dj’s, friends…Here you will find info on the following CELLspace alt Milonga specifics:1.) Who’s Teaching, DJ’ing, Volunteering (ie. our online schedule)?2.) Current Past Special Events List!

3.) Our ever growing Photos in Slideshow format…

4.) CELLspace DJ Resource Page

THE USUAL DETAILS (when no special events are happening…):

8:10pm to 9:10pm beginner & intermediate classes taught concurrently!

9:10pm to 12:00am Milonga

Door Fee:  $10 class + milonga, $10 milonga only

More Info:

The Cellspace alternative Milonga is an effort to balance out the wonderful classic tango events throughout SF and the Bay Area with a progressive community endeavor.  This is a Project Tango non-profit community effort (started July 9th, 2003).   Checkout the CELLspace DJ page for more info on alternative dj’ing & music!   We are developing a pool of alternative DJ’s.   From time to time we also put on special theme nights and have performances of various art forms (not just tango)!

This is a “politically neutral” tango event with all attempts directed towards minimal interruptions & maximum dance time during the evening.   A flyer table is provided for all folks to advertise their classes & events, however, detailed verbal announcements will not be made.   After a performance, a brief verbal announcement is permitted to promote a relavent class or event pertaining to the performers.

All the folks who help out with this event are donating their time and talent…and there are many individuals we wish to thank!!!   We are always looking for new volunteers to help in set-up, break-down, food, water, house management, dj’ing, etc.   Volunteers get free admission to the Cellspace alternative Milonga.   If you are interested in volunteering for Project Tango please contact Vanessa@project-tango.info. If you are interested in performing, please contact Ben Thoma.

9 Responses to CELLspace alternative Milonga – WEDNESDAY NIGHTS

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  3. scott says:

    do you have a new location for cellspace milonga?

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  7. Anna Laulund says:

    Hi, I am a Danish woman visiting San Francisco. I am a tango beginner, have just had a couple of classes in Denmark. I was recommended to come to your Wednesday nights by a friend 🙂 I would love to see the San Francisco tango scene!
    Is it possible to show up tonight for the beginners class at 8.10 without a partner?

    Best regards.

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