7/20 milonga closed

See you 7/27!

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7/13 – 13th Anniversary of CELLspace w/ Live Music & Theme night!

Live Music with Cuarteto Puentes!

13th Anniversary Theme: Lace &/or Faux Fur


please note: 7/20 CELLspace Milonga will be closed

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6/8 “Sadie Meets CELLspace” – Reinforcing our Equal Opportunity in Tango Policy

*6/8 Main Event: Live Music with Quinta Tango, our first all-female group! www.quintatango.vpweb.com

*6/8 Theme: “Sadie Hawkins” Night CELLspace-Style! (also “Challenge your Comfort zone” night)

“Followers’ Choice” is just a starting point, for those followers who might not usually ask leaders to dance on usual nights. Of course, followers can cabeceo leaders on ANY night and vice versa on any night, including this night. Some self-described “traditionalist” followers in our community have asked for this theme. We strive to be an INclusive community, including traditionalists who want to challenge their usual comfort zones.

In addition to role reversals, we encourage you to challenge your own comfort zones  by cabeceo’ing

– someone at a different level of skill or musicality from yourself (e.g. beginners asking intermediate dancers; advanced asking beginners, etc.),

–  someone whom you haven’t danced with before,

– or asking someone to dance for just one song instead of a whole tanda.

These are just a few examples we’d like everyone to try on any night, but at this milonga we are giving overt encouragement to step out of your own “box.” What is/are your challenge(s), should you choose to accept it/them?

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6/1 Mr. Tango shoes raffles FREE shoes

Mr. Tango shoes will raffle a FREE pair of shoes at the milonga this Wed, 6/1! www.mrtangoshoes.com

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6/8 Quinta Tango live music & “Sadie Hawkins” Night CELLspace-Style!

Special dates:

6/8 – QUINTA TANGO live music; “Sadie Hawkins” Night CELLspace-Style! www.quintatango.vpweb.com

7/13 – CUARTETO PUENTES live music; 13TH ANNIVERSARY of CELLspace Milonga! special theme: Lace &/or Faux Fur

7/20 – milonga closed

8/10 – DUO FUERTES VARNERIN live music www.fuertesvarnerin.com

8/31 – Performance, Classes, & Boutique by Tango Con*Fusion! www.tangoconfusion.com

9/21 – TRIO GARUFA + violinist MAYUMI URGINO live music

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5/11 Springtime Theme Night & Live Music!

Live Music with Redwood Tango Ensemble!

Celebrate with us in Spring colors and/or flowers!

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4/27 Live music with LOFT Orchestra!

Our very own Project Tango-sponsored community orchestra La Orquesta Fusion Tango (LOFT) plays this Wed, 4/27! Come dance to the live music of the only tango orchestra with a ukulele!

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Mila & Casey’s Tango Performance Team demo’s at 3/23 milonga!

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No milonga 3/9 & 4/13; More Live Music coming up!

Reminder that CELLspace Milonga is closed THIS Wed, 3/9 and next month 4/13.

Upcoming Live Music: 


MAY 11TH – REDWOOD TANGO ENSEMBLE www.redwoodtango.com

JUNE 8TH – QUINTA TANGO www.quintatango.vpweb.com


AUGUST 10TH – DUO FUERTES VARNERIN www.fuertesvarnerin.com


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CELLspace 2016 Special dates!

2/10 – Live music with Tangonero!
3/9  – milonga closed
4/13 – milonga closed
4/27 – Live music with LOFT (La Orquesta Fusion Tango)!
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