Price change – $10 milonga(dance) admission (class is free with admission)

Due to higher rent and overhead costs at our new venue, Project Tango has had to raise the milonga(dance) price to $10. The class + dance price remains the same at $10. Cellspace Milonga is still the best deal in town, and if you want to pay the old price of $5 (or get in free) please email We are expanding volunteer opportunities to remain the most accessible milonga(dance). Even if price is not an issue for you, please consider volunteering or donating. Our (volunteer and $) needs are increased at this new venue. Thank you for your understanding! Thank you for keeping Cellspace Milonga alive and awesome!

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Closed June 17

Due to prior bookings of SOMArts Cultural Center, the venue is not available to us this Wed 6/17. We’ll see you for 6/24 milonga on the wooden stage!

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CELLspace milonga resumes Live Music @SOMArts!

 May 27, 2015:  LOFT (La Orquesta Fusion Tipica) – our very own Project Tango community orquestra! They will be playing two sets.
June 10, 2015:  Redwood Tango Ensemble

July 8, 2015:  Trio Garufa – 12th Anniversary of CELLspace Alternative Milonga!

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New space!

Next week, May 13, please celebrate our new space at SOMArts. Homer will be there! Same times as before: class starting a bit after 8, milonga starting at 9pm.

934 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Pro Tip: park anywhere but in the Trader Joe’s parking lot. There will be plenty of space nearby!

See you there!

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More Live Music

3/4/15 - Live music with Joe Powers and Guillermo Garcia!

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Upcoming Live Music & Theme Night!

  • February 4th – Spanish guitarist, Jesse Hendricks, will play one set (3 or 4 songs) of Flamenco-influenced Tango Nuevo
  • February 25th – Tangonero!
  • April 1st – Trio Garufa!  April Fool’s THEME NIGHT.  Come dressed in disguise.  Try to “fool” us into thinking you’re someone you’re not ; )
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LOFT Community Orchestra plays Live Music at Cellspace Milonga 12/10/14!

Project Tango’s very own community orchestra La Orquesta Fusion Tipica (LOFT) will play one set for us for the very first time at Cellspace Milonga this Wed 12/10/14!  We will also have a dance performance by Caelyn Casanova & Cristian Sierra at this milonga. Big thanks to our community’s talented artists for gracing us with the fruits of their labors!

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Christmas Eve 2014 milonga & New Year’s Eve Masked Ball Milonga 2014-15!

Cellspace Milonga is NOT taking any breaks this 2014 Holiday season! Special thanks to all of our hard-working volunteers who are making these milongas possible! (we are still a little short-handed for take-down on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. If you’d like to volunteer, please email You’ll gain free entrance into classes + milongas for a whole month.)

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Events for the next few months

Live music:
October 29:  Trio Garufa – Halloween!
November 19:  Tangonero
December 31:  Redwood Tango (NEW YEAR’S EVE MASKED BALL!)

10/8: Performance by Mirabai’s team Tango Vida
10/22: Jorge Nel tango shoes & clothing
11/5: Performance by Oksana Chernikova & Guillermo Garcia
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No milonga Dec 25 and Jan 1

Happy holidays! We are taking a two week break, starting Dec 25. We’ll be back Jan 8. We hope you have a wonderful set of holidays!

On other great news: we raised $1415 for the Tango Nairobi project! Thank you everyone!

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