CELLspace milonga resumes Live Music @SOMArts!

 May 27, 2015:  LOFT (La Orquesta Fusion Tipica) – our very own Project Tango community orquestra! They will be playing two sets.
June 10, 2015:  Redwood Tango Ensemble

July 8, 2015:  Trio Garufa – 12th Anniversary of CELLspace Alternative Milonga!

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New space!

Next week, May 13, please celebrate our new space at SOMArts. Homer will be there! Same times as before: class starting a bit after 8, milonga starting at 9pm.

934 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Pro Tip: park anywhere but in the Trader Joe’s parking lot. There will be plenty of space nearby!

See you there!

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More Live Music

3/4/15 - Live music with Joe Powers and Guillermo Garcia!

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Upcoming Live Music & Theme Night!

  • February 4th – Spanish guitarist, Jesse Hendricks, will play one set (3 or 4 songs) of Flamenco-influenced Tango Nuevo
  • February 25th – Tangonero!
  • April 1st – Trio Garufa!  April Fool’s THEME NIGHT.  Come dressed in disguise.  Try to “fool” us into thinking you’re someone you’re not ; )
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LOFT Community Orchestra plays Live Music at Cellspace Milonga 12/10/14!

Project Tango’s very own community orchestra La Orquesta Fusion Tipica (LOFT) will play one set for us for the very first time at Cellspace Milonga this Wed 12/10/14!  We will also have a dance performance by Caelyn Casanova & Cristian Sierra at this milonga. Big thanks to our community’s talented artists for gracing us with the fruits of their labors!

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Christmas Eve 2014 milonga & New Year’s Eve Masked Ball Milonga 2014-15!

Cellspace Milonga is NOT taking any breaks this 2014 Holiday season! Special thanks to all of our hard-working volunteers who are making these milongas possible! (we are still a little short-handed for take-down on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. If you’d like to volunteer, please email vanessa@project-tango.info. You’ll gain free entrance into classes + milongas for a whole month.)

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Events for the next few months

Live music:
October 29:  Trio Garufa – Halloween!
November 19:  Tangonero
December 31:  Redwood Tango (NEW YEAR’S EVE MASKED BALL!)

10/8: Performance by Mirabai’s team Tango Vida
10/22: Jorge Nel tango shoes & clothing
11/5: Performance by Oksana Chernikova & Guillermo Garcia
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No milonga Dec 25 and Jan 1

Happy holidays! We are taking a two week break, starting Dec 25. We’ll be back Jan 8. We hope you have a wonderful set of holidays!

On other great news: we raised $1415 for the Tango Nairobi project! Thank you everyone!

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Closed for Dec 25

We are closed for December 25 (Christmas Day). Enjoy the holiday!

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December 11 – Tango Nairobi fundraiser

This week, December 11, Tango Nairobi fundraiser!



Beginner class with Michelle Gorre
Intermediate class with Luz Castineiras
DJ: Homer

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