Board of Directors

Board of Directors (Let us know if you’re interested in joining?):
(we serve open-ended terms, inclusion/removal determined by Vote):
  • Homer Ladas – Live Music
  • Ben Thoma – CELL DJ Coordinator, Education (CELL teacher coordinator), Technology,
  • Michelle Thoma – Special Events Coordinator (SFTX)
  • Suzanne Johansen – Consultant, past Officer
  • Sean Dockery – Consultant, past Officer
  • Allisun Novak – Media
  • Dan Peters – Special Arts Projects/Consultant
  • Devon Thurmstrom – CELL Volunteer Front door coordinator
Adjunct (outside consultants and friends of tango):
  • Arjunan Rajeswaran – Special Business Advisor

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  1. Anthony says:


    How can we contact you via email?

    We love to read your Tango blog and would continue linking your great Tango post in our international Tango newspaper (we link – we do not copy content).

    The links are set automatically (right away and every time you post something) under, and and will be published again under at the end of the week (Sundays) to broaden your audience.

    Saludos tangueros!
    Anthony & Pablo, Crew

    Buenos Aires – Berlin – San Francisco – JUST TANGO ME!

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