Who Are We?
We are a group of like-minded individuals who’s mission statement is as follows:

To promote tango as a social dance and evolving art form in our world culture while building & maintaining individual & community integrity, balance, & respect.

1. We will continue to maintain and refine the weekly CELLspace alt Milonga experience for both the volunteers and participants.

2. We are focused on hosting and continually improving our San Francisco Tango Exchange.

3. Promote and develop the live music scene locally and nationally. This includes grants to nationally recognized talent.

4. Sponsor visiting teachers (via artist visas, etc)

5. We will continue to promote, sponsor, and host additional projects that clearly support our mission statement.

4. Our long term vision is to have a Dance, Movement, & Live Music Center that has a tango emphasis while encouraging cross-pollination and growth of other cultural art forms.

See our Organizational Staff

Majority carries the vote:

For changes to the articles of incorporation, official PT policies or financial decisions over $5,000.00, 2/3 majority carries the vote.
Operational decisions or emergency situations may be voted on by officers with a majority carrying the vote.

See our Board of Directors

What Are We?
Project Tango is an official non-profit organization in the State of California.

Our federal tax ID number is 20-0149799

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  5. Burnie says:

    Hello, Can you email me your contact info for Intermission the new Cellspace?
    Thank you!

  6. Luke says:

    I sent a check of $280 for the new Floor during the fund raiser this July. What is the status of the project? Have we reached our goal of $20K?

  7. Margan says:

    Do you take drop-ins for your progressive beginner series? I have some tango experience already

    • Matt Harris says:

      The progressive series is designed to be the same set of students from beginning to end. Depending on the makeup of the class and the approval of the instructor, drop-ins may be considered.

      We do, however, always offer both beginner and intermediate drop-in classes. If you’re only able to attend sporadically or are just passing through town, one of those would be your best bet.

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