Fall 2017 Special events/ Live Music update

10/18 – Bday Vals for Oct babies

10/25 – Halloween Milonga – WIN a Private Lesson with Homer Ladas in the Costume Contest! (Free lesson; winner covers floor fee only)

11/8 – Live Music with Maldito Tango Duo

11/8-12/20 – 6-week Beginner Progressive series. http://project-tango.info/2017/10/118-1220-beginners-progressive-6-wk-series-of-classes/

11/15 – Live Music with LOFT (La Orquesta Fusion Tango) + Korey Ireland

11/22 – closed Thanksgiving eve

11/29 – Live Music with CMC (Community Music Center) Tango Ensemble; Bday Vals for Nov babies

12/13 – Bday Vals for Dec babies

12/20 – Live Music with Chance’s End; Theme night: Winter Wonderland (White clothes/ Black lights); “Graduation mixer” at 9:10pm to celebrate finish of Beginner Progressive series

12/27 – closed. See you 1/3/2018!

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