Spring 2017 Live Music / special events

3/22/17 – Live Music with Tangonero
3/29/17 – Bday Vals for March babies
4/5/17 – Performance by Mila and Casey’s performance team, “EspirituTango”
4/12/17 – “Graduation mixer” at 9:10pm to celebrate the end of the 6-wk Progressive series
4/19/17 – Live Music with Trio Garufa
4/26/17 – Bday Vals for April babies
5/10/17 – Live Music with Redwood Tango
5/24/17 – May Flowers Theme night; Homer DJ’s; Cristina & Homer teach
5/31/17 – Bday Vals for May babies
6/7/17 – “Graduation mixer” at 9:30pm to celebrate the end of both 6-wk Progressive series
6/14/17 – Live Music with LOFT (La Orquesta Fusion Tango)
6/28/17 – Bday Vals for June babies
7/12/17 – 14th Anniversary of CELLspace Milonga! Live Music with Trio Garufa
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